Data Integration 101: Anatomy of a Simple ETL Project Using appRules

In this Data Integration 101 post, we will do a quick tour of a simple ETL project using appRules.

The project which is shown below is used to perform bulk export of data from a SQL database to a CSV file.  No code was used to accomplish the task and it utilizes only three main activities.

The main activities are described below:

# Activity Description
1 InitializeSqlServerCeSource This activity is the initialization for the SQL Source.  You can select an activity from any SQL module – SQL Server, Oracle etc.  Configure the properties of this activity from any SQL module to select the records to export.
2 InitializeDelimitedTargetFile Configure this activity from the Delimited File module to define the Target CSV file and its attributes.
3 MapAndSaveRecords Use this activity to map data fields from the Source to the Target.  The activity also saves the records.



This example showcases the no-code ETL capabilities of appRules.  The same process can be used to export data from Accounting, CRM, ERP and other modules – without writing code.


You can download appRules with sample data integration projects at:

Author: appStrategy Team

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