Replicate Cloud Platform Data Using the appRules® Data Replication Activity

As companies move applications to the cloud, there is an increasing need to make data available locally for many reasons.  IT organizations want to store the data locally for backup purposes, reporting and data analysis using familiar and latest tools.

appRules includes a very powerful workflow activity that is specifically designed to replicate data in a SQL database.  The ReplicateData activity is available in most modules of appRules.  It is designed to allow you to replicate data by simply configuring properties.   You can elect to to replicate all entities or to replicate only a selected list of entities.

Figure 1 shows a simple but very powerful workflow that can be used to replicate Dynamics CRM data in Microsoft SQL Server.  The process is the same for replicating Salesforce, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo, SAP and other data sources.

Figure 1: ReplicateDynamicsCRMData

Accept the default entity configurations or make changes:

Select Entities:

Configure the properties below and you are ready to go.


The ReplicateData activity is a powerful tool for replicating SaaS data in SQL Databases.   It includes configurable options for managing every aspect of the process.

You can download appRules with sample projects at:

Author: appStrategy Team

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